“Allow yourself to Feel the touch of lullaby just like a child.”

  • 2020 Uijeonbu Music Theater Festival (official Invitation)
  • 2019 Seoul Street Art Festival (official invitation)
  • 2019 Gwacheon Festival (official invitation)
  • 2019 Korea Theater Festival (official invitation)
  • 2019 Pohang Street Art Festival (Premier and official invitation)

Lullaby, the first song we’ve heard since our birth. Even without much effort to sing it well, the world suddenly turned into safe and warm space by the sound of a lullaby.

The audience who is invited to “Breath Of Lullaby” lies in a hammock and listen to the lullabies and the sound coming from the space of the sunlight and the wind.

The senses may summon some memories or even take you to an unfamiliar world. But the important thing is to enjoy the ‘Empty’ time of lullaby.