“Sounds from bodies vibrate the soul of the city”

  • 2018 Uijeonbu Music Theater Festival
  • 2017 Seoul Street Art Market (official Invitation)
  • 2016 Ansan Street Art Festival (official Invitation)
  • 2016 Seoul Street Art Festival (official invitation)
  • 2015 Created with support by Seoul Street Arts Center(SSAC)/ Performed in SSAC.


“Voice Caves in the City” is a space-specific voice performance that moves with the audience in search for places with cave-like acoustics all over the city.

The performance invites the audience to a sensitive world of resonance that blooms when the venue’s sound waves and energy meet, only using pure voice without a microphone.

The performance deals with the lost relationship between voice and space, muffled voices within society and instinctive sounds made with the audience through connected, yet independent voice improvisations. This healing show can restore the lost instincts of life.