“A girl who go into her belly button with curiosity

  • 2008 Seoul Cultural Foundation’s choice
  • 2004 Arts Council Korea’s Choice
  • 2003 Marathon Theater (Israel))

In this work, the performer retraces her passage from a young girl to a married woman.

She explores the relationship between maturation and Eros, where the life and death merge. This is the drama of the girl, the mother and the belly button, shown through a puppet-costume, voice-sound and movement.

[ Synopsis]

This is a story about a girl’s belly button.

Since she was a little girl, the girl was very eager to discover it’s secret. Mother made the belly button a taboo. The girl starts relating to it… Her naked desire, hidden and denied underneath, is released.

Revealed are the beginning and end of existence. The cruel tiger who ate mother, in an old Korean legend, comes back.